Contipro Biotech

Contipro Biotech is part of the Contipro Group, a company whose activities are aimed at maintaining a leading position in the production of hyaluronan of all levels of purity. Contipro Biotech was established in 1997 to focus on the production of active substances for cosmetics and nutrition.

Actives International has been an agent for Contipro Biotech in the United States since 1998.


CLR is an independent, private company based in Berlin, Germany. Founded originally in 1926 as Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH, CLR has concentrated on the manufacture of bioactive cosmetic ingredients since the early 1950's.

Actives International is the exclusive agent for CLR at select accounts in the United States.


Established in 1995, Corum develops, manufactures and markets innovative active ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Actives International represents Corum in the East, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the US.


Established in 1926, Variati markets a line of naturally-derived specialties including antibacterials, moisturizers and emollients, and proteins. Actives International represents Variati in both the US and Canada.


Linnea, founded in 1980, is a high-quality manufacturer of Botanical Extracts and Pharmaceutical Ingredients of natural origin for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.


Monteloeder was established in 1996 to provide a differentiated service in the health food and related industries. The company provides natural extracts and naturally-derived products that focus on the needs of the nutraceutical, functional food, cosmetic, and animal food businesses.

Sales Agents

A network of sales agents around the world represents ViaPureĀ® brand ingredients from Actives International. The network in the US also distributes products produced by Contipro Biotech.